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Thanks Z! So for less than the cost of 1 gallon of gas per month you get:

  1. Fishing recommendations based on WHAT HAS REALLY WORKED to catch bass, not what someone thinks should/could/might work. Recommended baits
  2. Fishing recommendations for any water body in the country.
  3. The world's best digital fishing maps – toggle between Google and Bing satellite maps, add depth contours and more. World's best fishing maps
  4. The world's biggest, best library of tournament patterns covering 50+ years.
  5. The world's best fishing log.
  6. 24/7/365 access (barring any web outages) with any web-connected device to the only app of this kind on planet Earth.

Are you a serious bass angler or not??

BassGold has PREDICTED the winning fishing techniques, areas and weights of the last two Bassmaster Classics, Bassmaster Elite Series events and many other tournaments and non-competitive fishing days. Just think what it will do to help your fishing!

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If that's not enough, here's some more bennies:

BassGold is an amazing tool that gets better all the time. Shouldn't you be using it?

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