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A. BassGold and Patterns

1. What is BassGold and why should I sign up?

BassGold is the world's best bass patterning app. It recommends where to fish, how to fish, and what to fish with based on real fishing info from some of the best bass anglers in the country.

How it Works

Pick Your Water

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Choose your water body or water type, and the month(s) of the year.

Get Your Recommendation

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BassGold crunches info from thousands of real tournament wins to give you not what people think should work, but WHAT REALLY HAS WORKED to catch bass. See the best locations and lures, save time, and eliminate water before you get to the lake.

Go Catch ’Em!

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Use that targeted information and the best maps in fishing to pinpoint the places to catch bass. It's GOLD!

As a BassGold member you can:

Plus you can do all that on any device: a phone, tablet or computer.

This means that:

You head to a lake or river better-informed than ever before. And the more you use BassGold, the more insightful it gets. So whether you're out to win tourneys or just catch 'em better and faster, BassGold is bass "gold!"

2. What's a pattern?

A "pattern" is just a term for how a fish was caught: where on a body of water, around what habitat, and with what lures.

It's called a "pattern" because once you figure it out, you can use the same pattern elsewhere – on the same body of water or water bodies of the same type. This is why every water body in BassGold is classified by water type.

3. BassGold didn't have enough patterns for my lake or river for a particular time of year, and instead I got a pattern recommendation based on "water type." How is that valuable to me?

Great question! Water bodies of the same type, even on different ends of the country, fish very similarly. For example, on the Bassmaster Elite Series, BassGold proved that the Red River (LA) and the upper Mississippi River (WI/MN) fished similarly – because they are both what BassGold classifies as "riverine reservoirs."

Pattern information by water type and latitude have been used by a few top bass pros for years – because it works. One of these pros is Hall of Famer Ken Cook, who is a BassGold advisor. Here he is:

Ken Cook

4. Can anyone enter pattern information on BassGold?

Yes, as long as they're a member.

5. Can members enter pattern information for pro tournaments?

Yes, but not for high-level finishes. That's done by BassGold staff.

6. How much pattern info is BassGold going to enter into its database?

As much as we can get our hands on! We're constantly inputting more, as are BassGold members. Updates to the database are announced on the official BassGold Blog, and Facebook and Twitter pages.

7. How good is this info – don't all tournament fishermen lie?

BassGold founder Jay Kumar says: I've covered bass fishing tournaments for more than 20 years, and can say with utter cetainty that the vast majority of tournament anglers do NOT lie.

BassGold makes it easy to test that conclusion. Run a pattern report and look at the graphs. If most of the info points in one direction – which it always does – that means either everyone's lying or everyone's telling the truth (you can decide whether any outliers are anomalies or lying).

And since BassGold has successfully predicted the winning and high-placing patterns for the Bassmaster Classic, the Bassmaster Elite Series and many other tournaments and member fishing trips, you can see that rumors of lying just aren't true.

8. Are tournament and non-tournament/fishing log data combined in pattern results?

Only if you want to combine them. You have the option to include or exclude either one when you run a report. If you combine the two types of data, they will be displayed in different colors on the graphs.

B. Account Questions

1. I'm a member, but I can't login. Help!

If you are you using an iPad, iPhone or other Apple device, make sure you remove the default initial capital letter by hitting the shift/Up arrow key before you start typing your password, which is case-sensitive. If that doesn't solve the problem and you're not 100% sure your password is correct, try resetting your password. If that doesn't solve it, contact us at .

C. Other Questions

1. BassGold is cool! What's next?

Thanks! A lot more is coming, stay tuned. And thanks for being a BassGold member.

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