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Know that BassGold REALLY WORKS. It's been proven to be 92% accurate in PREDICTING (!!) how bass will be caught (and tournament-winning weights) even on lakes for which BassGold has no data! Seriously, because the same water body types – no matter where they're located in the country – fish very similarly.

Enjoy BassGold and go catch 'em!

Jerry McKinnis

A tremendous tool all anglers will benefit from.

Jerry McKinnis B.A.S.S. co-owner, fishing TV pioneer

Just a few clicks and you can save hours or days of time on the water.

Bobby Uhrig president and CEO, MegaStrike
Bobby Uhrig

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BassGold crunches info from thousands of real tournament wins to give you not what people think should work, but WHAT REALLY HAS WORKED to catch bass. See the best locations and lures, save time, and eliminate water before you get to the lake.

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Use that targeted information and the best maps in fishing to pinpoint the places to catch bass. It's GOLD!

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BassGold Database:

Years Covered 1967 - 2020

Total Patterns 5586

Total Water Bodies 480

Tournament Trails 0

Latest Uploaded Patterns

Pattern NameWater BodyWater Type
LAKE SHASTA PRESPAWNShasta, CAUpland Reservoir
trinity lakeClear Lake, CALowland Reservoir
Warm Winter OvercastHartwell, SCUpland Reservoir
summer time shoal bayBull Shoals, ARUpland Reservoir
Running banksShasta, CAUpland Reservoir

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