About BassGold

Jay Kumar

BassGold was created by Jay Kumar. You might know Jay as the guy who launched BassFan.com and the statistical BassFan World Rankings, hosted the ESPN show Loudmouth Bass with Zona, for being a B.A.S.S. senior writer for many years, and as the guy behind the awesome and hilarious BassBlaster email.

Jay says this about BassGold: "How to catch fish is everything. Where, around what, with what. There's a ton of pattern information out there now, but fishermen are using it wrong. It's either GPS points or what worked last weekend ‐ but neither of those works as well as patterning.

"BassGold makes use of thousands of patterns over decades that cover all kinds of weather and water conditions, and it tells you what has ACTUALLY WORKED to catch bass. Not what might work, could work or should work, but what really works! That's why everyone from Elite Series pros to weekend warriors use BassGold. Hope you figure out how to get the most from it, and enjoy!"

Vic Spence

Jay's partner in BassGold is Victor "Vic" Spence, a diehard bass-head and a techie who wrote his first line of code at age 9! He's got the skillz and believed in the power of BassGold so much he became Jay's partner in crime.

He says: "Using analytics for insight on bass fishing is right up my alley. It works because data doesn't lie. BassGold has proven over and over that analyzing bass-catch data works -- really to an extent that's almost unbelievable -- and I can't wait to make it even better."

Vic is working to implement new features, increase the pattern library, and provide bass-heads everywhere with the best information possible to make your day on the water the best it can possibly be.

BassGold's Mission

BassGold's mission is to love and serve bass anglers and the bass fishing industry. Yep, love, because all bass fishermen and fisherwomen are awesome, even the grumpy ones....

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