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Jay Kumar

BassGold was created by Jay Kumar. You may know Jay as the guy who also created BassFan.com and other fishing firsts like the statistical BassFan World Rankings of professional bass anglers, the BassFan Army membership program and a few other things. He's also known for his time on the popular ESPN show Loudmouth Bass, which he co-hosted with Mark Zona, and for being a B.A.S.S. senior writer for many years.

Jay says this about BassGold: "How to catch fish. That's everything. Where, around what, with what. That's why at BassFan we set the standard for ultra-detailed pattern reporting. But there's so much pattern information now. Really too much. So fishermen spend hours and hours searching for nuggets of pattern info across multiple websites, and trying to formulate a pattern out of that.

"I wanted to solve that problem, and at the same time reinvent how pattern information is presented and used. Since reinvention is what I pretty much do in fishin', I banged my head against a wall for a few months and eventually out popped BassGold.

"The results and feedback so far have been awesome, so it's doing what it's supposed to do – and yes, I do use it myself! As always, I'm just psyched to help people catch more fish and have more fun fishing."

Jay also produces the awesome BassBlaster e-newsletter, one of the biggest (and fo' sho' funniest), daily reads in bass fishing, and occasionally still does on-camera work and writes for B.A.S.S. He also emcees a few functions. Email Jay here.

BassGold's Mission

BassGold's mission is to love and serve bass anglers and the bass fishing industry. Yep, love, because all bass fishermen and fisherwomen are awesome, even the crotchety ones....

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